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-1000 kcal
in 47 minutes

Try your 1st session with no obligation from €9.95. We give you the gloves and hand wraps for free!
Burn fat hitting the punching bag.
Get a great body in 8 weeks
We alternate rounds of hitting the punching bag to the rhythm of music with functional exercises.
We work cardio and strength. The most effective way to tone up and lose fat.
47’ that go flying by. You’ll leave with your batteries charged and a shot of positive energy.
The punching bag's sensors will measure your energy, strength, and timing. You’ll be able to see your improvement in the app.

Through your training, you change the world

The positive energy that is released in our sessions can move mountains. We donate part of our turnover to different NGOs. When you train, you will be able to choose which project receives the funding that you have generated with your hits to the punching bag.
Logo: Change the World
+200k $ Donated annually
+45k Solidary Fitboxers
+13 NGOs collaborate with us
Logo: Change the World
Fitboxer in the foreground holding a box engraved with the words "Hit 4 Change."
What do our Fitboxers think?
  • Some opinions
    Is an addictive sport. Even if you have two left foot.
    L Luigi.
  • Some opinions
    Amazing workouts, the best trainers and a unique experience.
    M Miriam.
  • Some opinions
    When I hear ‘3, 2, 1, Fight!’ I feel an adrenaline rush.
    G Gabriela.
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Advantages of training with us
After taking your trial class, you will be able to choose one of the training plans that we have designed. All of them will give you flexibility in terms of schedules and you can book your sessions from the app - just choose the sessions you want to take advantage of.
Control your training from the APP
  • Follow the evolution of your training and your position in the ranking. Discover your score from your latest workout sessions to be able to improve.
  • Check class schedules and availability. Choose the day and time you want to work out and book from the app.
  • Become a member or purchase your session packs. Choose the plan that best suits you and don't miss your sessions when you’re on vacation.
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  • +10 Countries Globally recognized with more than 185 clubs where you can train.
  • Flexibility Multiple times from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • Global Pass Work out at any Brooklyn Fitboxing Club or attend world events.
Frequently Asked Questions | FAQS
Here are the answers to the questions that our Fitboxers usually have.
Two Fitboxers celebrate after a workout
  • How long does a class last?

    Each class is 47 minutes from start to finish. The class is divided into three sections. Each session begins with a 10 minute warm up followed by a combination of 8 rounds of punching a bag and functional training exercises, paying special attention to performing strength, cardio and coordination exercises. We finish with a 5 minute cool down with full stretching.

  • What should I bring to my first class?

    You should come to the training in comfortable sports clothes. We will have gloves and wraps ready for you as soon as you arrive. Also, bring a bottle of water (or you can buy it at the center), and a towel.

  • Do I need to have previous boxing or kickboxing experience to train at Brooklyn Fitboxing?

    No, our classes are designed for all levels. Throughout the class, our interactive video will show you how to execute all the moves of the combination and tell you when and how to throw each hit. As a beginner you can learn at your own pace, challenging yourself as much as you need to get in shape.

  • From what age can I train at Brooklyn Fitboxing?

    The minimum age is 14 years old with written authorization from parents or legal guardians.

  • How much is the monthly fee?

    Each center has its own prices and active promotions. We have different training plans, from monthly fees of two and three days per week to bonuses of 5 or 10 classes. Once you have tried your first class, the center will explain all the promotions and you can choose the plan that best fits your schedule and needs.

  • How many people train in a Brooklyn Fitboxing class?

    All classes are designed for small groups of 12 to 24 people. This individualized training method allows the trainer to provide more personal attention to all class members.

  • Do I need to be fit before taking a class?

    No, thanks to the structure of the classes each user can train at their own pace. That way, no one will slow down your training and you won't feel like you're slowing down anyone else's training. Everyone in the class can challenge themselves 100%.

  • When can I start my training at Brooklyn Fitboxing?

    Select our promotional offer on the right for the first session and get the gloves and wraps for free.

  • I have already purchased my first class, what do I do now?

    Once you purchase your trial class, you will receive an email with your Brooklyn Fitzone login information. If you have not received the email, please check your Spam folder. From the Fitzone you will be able to access your center's schedule to book your first class.

  • Is there contact boxing at any time during the session?

    No, our classes are completely non-contact. Each fitboxer has his own punching bag in which he/she performs all the boxing and kickboxing moves.

  • Why is Brooklyn Fitboxing different from other boxing and kickboxing training?

    We guarantee that you will not find the same training in other sports facilities and gyms. Our training system will allow you to receive real time feedback on the execution of your movements. Each session is choreographed with a specially designed music selection so you can hit the punching bag in sync with the music. Never before has there been a similar workout combining boxing and playing at the same time in the same session. It's hard to explain what a Brooklyn Fitboxing experience is like to someone who hasn't tried a class yet. Click on "Try a class" and you can discover the experience for yourself.

  • How many calories can be burned per class?

    It depends on each person and the effort made in each session. Our training system, with high-intensity interactive exercises, turns your body into a machine ready to burn calories. Your metabolism will be boosted in the next 48 hours with the "fat burning" effect as a result of the intensive interval exercises.

  • Do you have lockers?

    Yes, we have lockers for both men and women.

  • If I don’t have gloves, can I purchase a pair at the Brooklyn Fitboxing Club?

    We give you your first pair of gloves and wraps as part of the first trial session promotion. After that, you will need to bring them to your classes. In case they get lost or damaged, you can purchase a new pair at any Brooklyn Fitboxing club.